Where and how can I find the default username and password for my router

There are 3 different ways to get the default login data of your router. One of these ways will definitely lead you to your destination.

Search for your default router login data in our database

1. STEP: Select the brand of your router

If you couldn't find your router in the list above, then this is not problem. The next method will help you to find your router IP for every operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android).

Check the back of your router

Many router models have a small sticker on the back where you can find the login IP and login data.

If you can't find your login data there, that's no problem. Just try the next tip below.

Reading the router manual

The last method, which almost always works, is to look in the manual of your router for the default Username & Password. There you will always find what you are looking for. Either you search for the manual on our website or you search the internet for your manual.