Cisco Router Login Information

To access a Cisco router (for example: RV082 (Linksys) ,AIR-OEAP602I-A-K9 or Meraki MR24 ) you need the corresponding login data and IP address. If you do not know the IP and login information of your router, you will find them in the Cisco Router Manual. In case you don't have a manual or don't feel like searching for the data, you can easily use the following login guide.

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Login Guide for Cisco

  • Open your browser (on desktop or mobile) and enter (this is the most common default router IP for Cisco routers according to our database) in the address bar to access admin panel of your router. login page

  • Now you see 2 fields where you can enter the router username and router password.

    Cisco router router default login

  • The most common default username/password combination for Cisco routers is Cisco and Cisco.
  • Enter the username and password, click on the login button and now you should have access to the user interface of the router.

The username/password combination doesn't work ? Then try the following method...

If you know the model name/ID of your Cisco router then select your device from the dropdown list below. You will be forwarded to our login guide for your device ( including user manuals etc.).

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Most common login IPs for your Cisco router device

For example, if you want to change the security settings of your Cisco router, you need the router IP address. Hardly anybody knows their router IP, because you only need it in rare cases. Often you can find it on the back of your Cisco router or in the manual. If you can't find the IP anywhere, you can try the IP addresses from the list below. One of them should lead you to the login page of your Cisco router.

Common Router IP
acquired via DHCP

Common username/password combinations for Cisco routers

We have compiled a list of the most common username/password combinations for Cisco routers. Try the different combinations to log in. Often one of the listed combinations works.

Username Password
End User7936

Cisco Router Manuals

74 - Manual
74-4876-04 - Manual
851 - Datasheet
851W - Datasheet
857 - Datasheet
857W - Datasheet
861 - Datasheet
861W - Datasheet
867 - Datasheet
867W - Datasheet
870-Series - Manual
871 - Datasheet
876 - Datasheet
876W - Datasheet
877 - Datasheet
878 - Datasheet
881 - Manual
881-W - Manual
887W - Datasheet
AIR-AP1220B-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-AP1252AG-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-BR350-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CAP2601E-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CAP2602 - Manual
AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CAP3502 - Manual
AIR-CAP3502E-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CAP3502P-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CAP3702E-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-CB20A-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-LAP1131G-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-LAP1252AG-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-MP20B - Manual
AIR-MP21G-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-OEAP602I-A-K9 - Manual
AIR-PCM352 - Manual
Aironet 1140 - Datasheet
Aironet 1240AG - Datasheet
AM10 - Manual
AP541N - Manual
CVR100W - Manual
DDR2200-CL - Manual
DDR2201v1 - Manual
DPC2100 - Datasheet
DPC2203 - Datasheet
DPC2505 - Datasheet
DPC3010 - Datasheet
DPC3825 - Manual
DPC3828S - Manual
DPC3829 - Manual
DPC3829AD - Manual
DPC3848 - Manual
DPC3848V - Manual
DPC3848VM - Manual
DPC3929CAD - Manual
DPC3929CMAD - Manual
DPC3939 - Manual
DPC3939 XFINITY - Manual
DPC3940CMAD - Manual
DPC3941 - Manual
DPC3941B - Manual
DPC3941T XFINITY - Manual
DPQ3925 - Manual
EA2700 - Manual
ECP3940ADL - Manual
Edge 300 (CS-E300-AP-K9) - Manual
EPC2425 - Manual
EPC3000 - Datasheet
EPC3828D - Manual
EPC3925 - Manual
EPC3928AD - Manual
EPC3928S - Manual
FlipShare CTV1 - Manual
FlipShare CTV1W - Manual
ISB7005 Wireless Module - Manual
ISB7105 - Manual
Linksys-E1200 - Manual
Linksys-E1550 - Manual
Linksys-E2000 - Manual
Linksys-E2500 - Manual
Linksys-E4200 - Manual
Linksys-E900 - Manual
Linksys-EA2700 - Manual
Linksys-EA3500 - Manual
Linksys-EA4500 - Manual
Linksys-X2000 - Manual
M10 - Manual
M20 - Manual
Meraki MR12 - Manual
Meraki MR18 - Manual
Meraki MR24 - Manual
Meraki MR32 - Manual
Meraki MR34 - Manual
Meraki MX60W - Manual
Meraki MX64W - Manual
RAN201 - Manual
RV-120W - Manual
RV016 - Datasheet
RV042 - Manual - Datasheet
RV042G - Manual - Datasheet
RV082 - Datasheet
RV120W - Manual - Datasheet
RV130 - Manual
RV180 - Datasheet
RV180W - Datasheet
RV215W - Manual
RV220W - Manual
RV315W - Manual
RV320 - Manual
RV325 - Manual
RV340W - Manual
RVL200 - Datasheet
RVS4000 - Manual
SPA2102 - Datasheet
SPA3102 - Datasheet
TG2050 - Manual
Valet M10 - Manual - Quick-Install Guide
Valet M10 v1 - Manual
Valet M10 v2 - Manual
Valet Plus M20 - Manual - Quick-Install Guide - Datasheet
VEN401 - Manual
VEN501 - Manual
WAP121 - Manual - Datasheet
WAP131 - Manual
WAP200 - Manual
WAP2000 - Manual
WAP200E - Manual
WAP321 - Manual - Datasheet
WAP371 - Manual
WAP4410N - Manual - Datasheet
WAP551 - Manual
WAP561 - Manual
WAP581 - Manual
WBPN - Manual
WRVS4400Nv2 - Manual

These methods don't work for me and I still not get access to my Cisco router!

Nothing helped and you don't have access to your router? Then you can do a factory reset. In most cases you can perform a factory reset by pressing a small button on the back of your Cisco router for about 10-20 seconds. Afterwards your Cisco router lights up and needs several minutes to reset the settings. Because of the factory reset your Cisco router loses the connection to all other connected devices and some devices have to be reconnected to the router after such a reset. If you are unsure, you should consult an expert to help you set up the router again.